Our Flowers

beach weddingAt Island Meadow Farms, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible blooms that the especially rich and fertile soil of York can produce.  Each morning and evening we visit the field to cut stems for the day’s orders, making sure to give our flowers the special holding treatment each variety requires.  We love our work, and the long days of constant attention pay off  for us when we see how delighted our customers are with our flowers.

Island Meadow Farms flowers are cut early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the extreme heat of the day.  Cutting at the proper time helps flowers to hydrate properly and therefore have a longer vase life.  To keep your Island Meadow Farms fresh cut flowers beautiful as long as possible, follow these tips:

  1. Before placing your flowers in a vase, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife.
  2. Remove any foliage on the stem that will come in contact with the water.
  3. Add a packet of cut flower food.
  4. On day three, change the water and re-cut the stems. Continue this daily.  By keeping the water clean, you help prolong the life of your flowers.

As the seasons change, so does our flower assortment.  The first flowers available are usually Sweet William, Delphinium, Sweet Peas, Foxgloves and Campanulas.  July brings Snapdragon, Peonies, Garden Roses, Lilies, Larkspur, and Astilbe, among others.  August offers Asters, Glads, Zinnias, Sunflowers, Dahlias and Rudbeckia.  The fall includes a variety of Grasses and Millets, Helenium, Ornamental Peppers, Cut Flower Kale, and many others.  Here are just some of the seasonal varieties available at Island Meadow Farms:


Asters Mid August -- September
Ageratum Mid-July to October
Batchelor’s Buttons July to September
Bells Of Ireland Mid-July to August
Bupleurm Mid-July to August
Calendula July to September
Dahlias Mid-July to October
Glads August to October
Grasses Mid-July to October
Larkspur Mid-July to mid-August
Lisianthus Late July to August
Matricaria July to September
Millet Mid-July to October
Snapdragon Mid-July to October
Statice Mid-August to October
Sunflowers Mid-July to October
Sweet Peas Early July to mid-August
Zinnias Late July to October



Achillia (4 varieties) July to August
Acelepias (2 varieties) Mid-July to August
Astilbe (9 varieties) July to mid-August
Baby’s Breath Late July to mid-August
Campanula July
Delphinium July & August
Dianthus Late June to mid-July
Foxglove July
Garden Roses July to early August
Hydrangeas Mid to late August
Liatrus Mid-July to mid-August
Lilies Mid-July to October
Peony June to early July
Poppy July
Veronica July

 At Island Meadow Farms, we grow many other varieties not listed here.  Please call for other options and to check availability.  We also have access to imported flowers as required.

For information about the “meaning” of particular flower varieties, read this “Language of Flowers” article at Wikipedia.org.